The impact of the Coronavirus in Wales

Now living outside of Wales, I wanted to see Wales’ numbers for cases rather than just at a UK wide level.

In its earlier stages, the only available information was at health board level, directly from the Public Health Wales (PHW).

I took that data and combined it with Office for National Statistic data of local health boards in Wales to visually represent the severity.

Knowing that the Welsh language isn’t always the priority, I decided to just build the dashboard in Welsh.

PHW have now released an extensive dashboard at a local authority level.

Take a look at the impact of the Coronavirus in Wales.

The essentials of User Experience and its impact on sales effectiveness

UX is no longer a ‘nice to have’ it is an essential part of winning and retaining customers. In this presentation Dan will unpack the value and importance of UX and use a recent Veeva My Insights dashboard case study to demonstrate the impact good UX and co creation can have on next best actions and sales effectiveness.

Filmed at the Pharma MCM Meetup, 19th November – Harnessing and humanising UX and AI for greater sales effectiveness

How to avoid this influencer marketing fail

Thoughts on a recent article about an influencer with millions of followers struggling to sell products to their followers


  1. Make sure your followers are the right audience for the type of product you’re trying to push. If not, use ads to find the right audience.
  2. Sell with a compelling narrative. Share why you believe a product is worth their time/money.
  3. Post often about the product. Seeing your genuine enthusiasm (posting multiple times) is going to social proof it, leading to a greater potential of a sale. Self-promotion can be tough but it’s so necessary!

Advice to web students

While I was at Uni, I had to do lots of odd jobs to keep afloat and be able to pay bills and buy food.

It wasn’t always easy, but using my web skills helped me gain extra income. The extra experience even helped to build my portfolio.

My short introduction at NTU’s Work in Tech event

It was great to speak to NTU computer science students. Was there as part of a ‘Work in tech’ event where a few of us Fellows gave intro presentations, Q&A, then conducted some mock interviews with the students to give them some good experience and constructive feedback.

Here’s my short intro…

What Entrepreneurs Really Want Millennials To Know

I’ve started to see the same narrative repeated in the interaction between successful entrepreneurs and those frustrated millennials.

As millennials are asking about getting rich, starting businesses or being as successful and X, Y, Z, entrepreneurs are answering with helpful direction.

Watch my video for more of what the best entrepreneurs are saying.

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