Starting A YouTube Channel – What I’m Learning

Reading and writing blogs can broaden perspective and strengthen your writing skills.

At University we were all encouraged to document our critical thinking and creative process by blogging. We’d consistently add to our personal blog over the three years of study.

After months of writing blog posts, I decided to do something different, to learn a new skill; vlogging (video blogging).

I started to simply recording short videos and not edit or cut any of my mistakes to give me an idea of how good I was.

Over 10 short videos I saw vast improvements in my confidence and communication.

Now married to a gorgeous corporate lawyer-come vlogger, I’ve decided to start vlogging again.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch my videos. Here’s my first:

Also three channels that have inspired me to vlog:

So in starting again, I now wanted to share the lessons I’m learning and the benefits I’m seeing.

I’ll also keep adding to this list as an encouragement to others who are thinking about vlogging for themselves.

Benefits of vlogging

1. Become a better communicator and story teller

Vlogging has increased my confidence in front of a camera.

It’s helped to unite my thinking with my speaking so there are less ‘umming’ and ‘aring’.

2. Diversify your content

Video content in my opinion is more engaging than written content.

It also increases time spent on your site or page as users are more likely to watch a video rather than read a long post.

3. Connect with your audience and get your personality across

I’m now contributing to the YouTube community. I’m sharing more about myself, my personality and my life.

4. Learn new skills

I’m learning new skills in video editing and video marketing.

I’m currently just using iMove to edit and some search engine optimisation (SEO) tips to craft optimising video content.

Read my tips to boost your YouTube views.

5. Learn from others

I’ve started to interview friends that are contracting or running businesses of their own.

In doing this, I’m learning about their industry and field.

6. It doesn’t have to be perfect

For me, it’s better to get the content out there rather than perfecting each video for a prolonged period of time.

7. A starting point for your podcast

If you strip the audio from your video and upload to, you now have your very own podcast.

You can check my podcast on Spotify or

I’d like to hear your tips on vlogging, so feel free to share them in the comments below.

Subscribe to my Youtube channel and continue to shine bright like a Ryland.

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