Customer Feedback – Why Listen to it?

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Before I share on the importance of customer feedback, think of three people in your life that appreciate and value you.

What’s common between them?

Could it be how they listen to you? For me, it is.

When they listen, it makes me feel valued.

From people to products, customers need the same.

To feel valued.

Consider not only listening, but watching too.

Their interactions with your product or website can sometimes show much more than just words or an opinion.

In putting your customers above your own interests you’ll produce a product that your customers will love.

Consider these three steps within your products:

1. Collecting quality customer feedback

Use heatmaps, visitor recordings, conversion tunnels and customer surveys. Hotjar is a great customer feedback tool and a fantastic place to start.


Heatmaps can help reveal visitor behaviours.

Through a graphical representation of data, heatmaps visually represent clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour of your visitors.

Visitor recordings

This eliminates the guesswork.

Identify potential usability issues by watching how your visitors really interact with your site.

Conversion funnels

The aim is to funnel and convert all of your visitors into customers.

The truth is your funnel has holes.

Take time to optimise your conversion funnel and block those holes.

Customer surveys & customer feedback polls

‘Did you find everything you were looking for today?’

I’m sure we’ve all been asked that question at a supermarket or a shop.

Surveys and pools can show if your helping your customers achieve their goals. It can improve customer satisfaction.

Customer feedback infographic

2. Iterate often to implement customer feedback

Using your data, craft better solutions and implement quickly. This will show your customers that you do care.

3. Keep going back to your customers for more

Keep listening, watching and asking to see how your improvements are performing. Whether they’re having a positive impact on your user engagement, increase conversions or customer satisfaction.

So those three key points in getting your customers to love your product: start collecting feedback, implement your improvements often and keep listening. Repeat.

How often do you listen, watch or ask your customers about their experiences with your product?

What customer feedback tools are you using?

Why Listen To Customer Feedback?
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Why Listen To Customer Feedback?
How to use customer feedback to increase customer satisfaction.
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Dan Ryland
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