What Entrepreneurs Really Want Millennials To Know

People planning

I’ve started to see the same narrative repeated in the interaction between successful entrepreneurs and those frustrated millennials.

As millennials are asking about getting rich, starting businesses or being as successful and X, Y, Z, entrepreneurs are answering with helpful direction.

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How To Focus On Your Vision


Where there is no vision, there is no hope

George Washington Carver

It makes you think doesn’t it?

What’s your vision?

Have you discovered your purpose?

What’s the dream? The big picture?

Why do you do the things you do? What are you building up to?

The deep ‘why’ behind these types of questions can make them hard to answer, but for me, it’s important to know the ‘why’.

Defining your ‘why’ can shape everything you do. A measuring stick of sorts.

Does this help or hinder the vision? Yes/No.

It’s considered to be a pivotal part of a business strategy.

My ‘why’ has changed over the years.

From becoming a rubbish collector – due to their cool trucks – to a serial entrepreneur/inspirational speaker. Things can change.

In 2015, I wrote simply:

Building on my talents: music and creativity. Applying my character: encourager and inspirer.

By 2017 it had changed:

To inspire and support entrepreneurs at all levels. Through mentorship and collaboration to develop strategies to solve business problems. To provide practical solutions across content, design and development.

Your vision will be unique to you. It will also change over time.

1. Set your vision

Take time to meditate on what you’re good at. What do you want to achieve?

Write it down.

Consider sharing it with close friends to get their feedback on it.

2. Measure all your activities against it

Achieving your vision requires time and energy.

To increase time and energy consider simplifying your life around your vision.

Write down all the things you do in life: job, friendships, social life, sports, etc.

One by one, assess whether that item needs simplifying or changing.

It could mean changing a few things.

It could mean saying ‘No’.

But it could also mean saying ‘Yes’ to things that compliment your vision.

Focus on your vision

3. Regularly refine your vision

Plan in times to review your vision.

Have those changes to simplify helped you towards achieving your goal?

Has your vision changed? If so, it’s ok. Write down your new vision.

Repeating this process can help you prioritise your vision.

The talk of ‘vision’ hopefully isn’t so daunting now.

Set your vision. Measure against it. Refine it often. Circulating these three points will help focus your time, energy and efforts – they’re all valuable.

So how has setting a vision increased your dive and focus?